Mens mental health and what it means to be a man

A man’s mind is a precious thing to waste, however we rarely talk about our minds let alone our feelings. What does it mean to be a man in this day and age, and what impact does that have on our mental health? Once a taboo subject, our mental health is now on the cards […]

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Best tips for Beard Grooming #Beardgang

Well Gents, I dont know about you? But a day doesn’t seem to go by without me spending an increasing amount of time in the bathroom before I leave the house and commence my daily routine. Circa 2016 my morning rituals consisted  of three things, Shower, Shave… and coffee, Thats it, nothing more and nothing less, I […]

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Testicular cancer It’s a man Ting

How often do you feel your nuts? Well we are hoping that its often as this is the best way, for you to detect any changes in your testicles that may be cause for concern. Testicular cancer usually  occurs in males from the age off 15-49, however this does not mean that you cannot get […]

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