Best tips for Beard Grooming #Beardgang

Well Gents, I dont know about you? But a day doesn’t seem to go by without me spending an increasing amount of time in the bathroom before I leave the house and commence my daily routine. Circa 2016 my morning rituals consisted  of three things, Shower, Shave… and coffee, Thats it, nothing more and nothing less, I dont  have time for breakfast before I leave in the morning. However, since early 2017, the time taken to actually leave the house has increased by 20 minutes, thats right, a staggering 20 minutes each day! And the reason for this additional time is that I am in the beard gang, thats right, I have to spend an additional 20 minutes a day beard grooming  before I leave the house each morning. Of course it isn’t  necessary that I spend 20 minutes it can be done in 5 minutes, however I’m a perfectionist.

I decided just over a year ago to take the plunge, I’d decided to stop shaving for a number of reasons, the first mainly time and effort, and I have always wondered what I’d look like if I let nature take over, and allowed my facial hair to grow.

The popularity in beards has increased over the past five years, up until now, beards haven’t been trendy since the 1970’s. Its seems that the older generation, that are now drawing their pensions were  the last to be facially liberated.

Lets face it, if you’re going for facial hair, then you need to ensure that your beard grooming game is on point. This means that you keep those facial follicles well oiled and well maintained to produced the best beard possible. Some, will opt for the shabby less groomed beard, however if you work a 9-5, this may not bode well, and your employers may be less than impressed with your ZZ top style beard, or a raggedy Captain Jack Sparrow type beard.

So if you’ve decided to grow a beard, and you have selected the appropriate   beard for your face shape, it’s important to look after it, and this is where we become a master of our proverbial beard grooming trade.

Regular washing

Its obvious that your beard might get a wash when you wash your face each morning, however it isn’t the same as giving it a thorough cleanse. It’s Important that you wash your beard at least 3 times a week with beard shampoo. Through out  the week your beard will collect food, and skin debris so its important that it gets a daily wash, and a further deep clean as outlined. By using specially formulated beard Shampoo, the beard retains its natural oils, and keeps the hair supple and soft, this will help with manageability, reduced itching and will reduce the number of rogue hairs.

To Trim or not to Trim

Trimming your beard is an essential part of beard grooming, even if you are grooming your beard out its important that you take the time to regularly trim your beard, unkept beards can be prone to split ends, which can impede the growth of your beard, and can also make it appear wispy at the ends.  In order to get the best results you will need to invest in  a decent beard trimmer and it is also essential that you have a decent pair of barbers scissors  for defining your beard. When looking for the perfect product remember that beard trimmers and stubble trimmers are not the same, whilst your beard trimmer can maintain your stubble, a stubble trimmer may not be as effective to trim your beard. 

Our Favourites picks

Braun BT5050 Beard Trimmer for Men Cordless and Rechargeable Electric Hair Cutting Machine

We Love this beard trimmer  and it is  costs £36.99 with free UK delivery and has some great aspects, as it trims up to 25mm with the guard on, we consider this to be a true beard trimmer. This product has two adjustable guards that allows up to 25 trim settings starting from 0.5mm. The long lasting Sharp blades that are synonymous with Braun allows for precision. This beast can be charged in as little as 10 minutes to power up enough juice for one full shave, and has a 50 minutes trim time on a full charge. 

Beard Oil

If you want to maintain a healthy beard, its important that the moisture balance of the hair is optimum, unlike the hair on your head, facial hair does not produce the natural  oils that the scalp  does to keep the beard well moisturised. Therefore, its vital that you use a natural oil that will give your beard that added lustre. has Kindly taken the trouble to review 13 great oils that packs a punch.

Beard Balm

Beard Balm does pretty much the same as beard oil, in terms of making the beard hairs softer and to allow for easy styling. However there is a difference, although the outcome is usually the same. Beard Balm, is more viscose, and stays on the surface of the beard and skin for a lot longer than the oil, if you have a particularly  dry beard, or work outdoors in extreme temperatures, with hot, cold or windy conditions , you may want to considered the beard balm.